The Top 3 Reasons To Measure Volunteer Impact

# 1 Appeal to Funders & Stakeholders Don’t wait for funders to ask about volunteering impacts. Be proactive in your data collection and analysis to demonstrate the value of your volunteers. Experienced funders understand how a well-run volunteer program can extend the reach and impact of donated funds. Whether communicating with individual donors, foundations, or government grantors, providing well-polished volunteer … Read More

Corporate Volunteering: Converting Opportunities to Benefits

Connecting with the corporate world can provide nonprofit leaders to a world of opportunities. Not only can nonprofits offer — and teach — the business world so much, nonprofits can also learn from (and leverage) benefits from your for-profit counterparts. This article provides an overview of three opportunities and easy-to-implement tips to ensure your organization is making the most of … Read More

How to Design Effective Volunteer Training

Based on the extensive review of volunteer retention studies over the past decade, Lowenberg-Deboer & Akdere (2018) found three common factors that keep volunteers engaged and participating: 1) motivation, 2) satisfaction, and 3) organization familiarity. The authors acknowledged that of course, these three key elements are inherently interrelated: i.e. being satisfied keeps you motivated, and so on.  So what’s the … Read More

How Online Volunteer Training Can Help Grow Your Church

“Most Pastors and Church Leaders share a common desire: Growth. Whether it be growing your church numerically, growing current members in their depth of discipleship or growing in influence in your community, everyone wants to expand. And there are entire communities of people who are dedicated to making the church grow.” Fortunately for our generation, growth is made more attainable … Read More

ServeHub vs. Moodle: A Student’s Perspective

How many times have you found yourself staring completely bored at an online course, whether it’s a school assignment, or a training session for your job? This should not be the case, as learning should be engaging, easy, stimulating and satisfying. “Play is the highest form of research” – Albert Einstein  When selecting and implementing the right Learning Management System … Read More

How To Recruit More Volunteers to Your Church

“Volunteers are the lifeblood of any ministry, but as your church continues to grow, it can be tough to get your volunteer team to grow along with it.” After pastoring for 12 years, I’ve learned the secret to attracting more volunteers (often more than you thought you needed).  Here it is: Happy Volunteers Reproduce. Yes, the single best way to attract … Read More

3 Tips for Creating Successful Training Materials

“One of the challenges that often keeps churches and non-profits from producing their own training material for their volunteers is that they don’t believe they can.”  Many churches psych themselves out of producing anything because they may not have the equipment budget or technical know-how to produce lessons in Ultra HD video. Access to expensive video and audio gear is … Read More

Promoting Your Non-Profit on Social Media

The age of digital media has been alive and well for a quite some time now, and it’s no secret that people are spending incredible amounts of time on the internet. Often these stretches of time are for our personal enjoyment, but we can’t seem to go two scrolls through our instagram feed, or 30 seconds into a youtube video … Read More