Promoting Your Non-Profit on Social Media

The age of digital media has been alive and well for a quite some time now, and it’s no secret that people are spending incredible amounts of time on the internet. Often these stretches of time are for our personal enjoyment, but we can’t seem to go two scrolls through our instagram feed, or 30 seconds into a youtube video without seeing an ad. Ads are everywhere, and while they may come across as annoying or unnecessary, they stick in your subconscious and create connections. Those connections may be the difference maker in someone volunteering for you, or for your organization down the road.

If you don’t have some sort of Social Media for your church or non-profit, the fact is that you’re losing free marketing and plenty of access to potential volunteers or employees. The beauty of social media is the fact that it is truly easy to begin implementing and to keep up with. 95% of people aged 18-25 are going to follow a brand because some form of social media account interested them. We’d like to help you make the most of these free resources and enhance your self promotion so you can see immediate results in your nonprofit. 

There is a direct correlation between Gen Z and the rise in time spent on the internet. Unlike previous generations, Gen Z grew up with technology in front of them. They’re what the industry refers to as a ‘digital native.’ With this in mind it is important to understand that in order to become valuable to these digital natives, you’ll have to have a presence on the internet, particularly on social media. So, how can you do that most effectively?

Think of a theme or message. 

Your social media is an extension of your company. You want to make certain that your viewers are seeing exactly what you have to offer. Viewers have become increasingly skeptical when it comes to online marketing, so what you say needs to be authentic. Only 4% of people believe that the advertising companies behave with integrity. With this vast amount of skepticism and mistrust it is very important to stay true to who you have branded yourself to be and what you are providing to other people. 

When publicly posting anything, you must be certain that your theme is going to remain consistent. There is a balance of authenticity and aesthetic that must define who your online presence is. Some ideas of this could be using lots of negative space with large high resolution images; using the same font for every post you create; or picking a color palate that you use for your backgrounds and posts. It is important to find a few small details and keep them consistent. 


This one word is the life of your social media accounts. To stay relevant in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and to keep your volunteer opportunities in front of your audience, you need to remain consistent in posting. This is not an exact science, and yes, there are situations where some organizations do post too much. Consistency is posting in a timeframe, whether it’s at a certain hour, or setting aside every other day, or once a week. Depending on the service you have, it is up to your personal jurisdiction to identify how often you post content is right for you – But you need to choose a set rhythm and then stick to it. 

Consistency in approach will be your best friend when big advertising budgets are not an option for your organization. Facebook and instagram run ads for a price, but with the right internal promotion you may not need such resources. The consistency of your online presence lets people know that you are good with technology and that you are reliable on a timeline. 

Being consistent with a timeline also allows you to generate lots of content and promote the good you are doing. People want to see that the organizations they volunteer with are active and truly making differences. 

Testimonies and Interviews

If you can create opportunities online to talk to the people you are helping, you are not only generating great content, but you are validating the cause of your nonprofit. 

When interviewing someone, you have the opportunity to gain internal insight on how you are doing as an organization, get personalized feedback, and have a new description that you can use in your marketing strategies. The people you help are the reason that volunteers resonate with nonprofits so much. Captivating stories drive volunteer recruitment, interaction and retention. 

The truth is that case studies, interviews and testimonials will do more to speak to your audience than what you could do alone. They’re incredibly beneficial and worth your time. 


Whether you’re a social media “expert” or just a casual Facebook user, chances are that you are already a part of the social media world. The reality is that your organization needs to be as well. As you create a deeper social media presence, you’ll see your organization benefit greatly from the additional exposure and community interaction that it creates.